Landscape in Vladimir Balcar´s paintings 

One of the few authors – didacticians is a painter Vladimir Balcar who lives in Desna, small town situated on the border of beautiful nature sceneries of the Jizera Mountains in northern Bohemia.



He belongs to the middle generation for whom landscape painting is dominant. His work deals with the intersections of light phenomena. He puts landscape still life into in mystery of silence, in accordance with the harmony of colors. Transfer the natural character of the objects, the author manages its luminous atmosphere intensify work on the extreme limits of color. It is based on subjective visions of light phenomena deliberately used the facts detail. These segments, which are close to him in the landscape can be expressed by unbiased look of unusual discovery, fixing of visual memory of shapes and luminosity. These phenomena are not unknown at the work of the author.


His other works from the last years are coming with their authenticity into mysticism. The paintings have certainly nothing to do with the naturalistic description, they are color vision inspired by nature, to take just the essence to enhance lot into whole composition. The landscape is in expression with sensitively chosen colors of touching brushes, his palette is an example of purely aesthetic knowledge of its competing values and balanced mutuality.


It remains technical perfection of the manuscript and the results are coming. The author forwarded his works between reality and fictional efforts of pictorial construction of its manifestations. They are discovered by sympathetic look at the world and love to the nature. His landscape caress the spectator and pleased by lyrical and unusual discovery. We wish this work a safe journey to its development in the life and recognition in today’s genre of landscape design.

 M. Pečinka ak. m.